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"Frequently asked questions"

What should I wear? Loose comfortable clothing is recommended

I've had this issues for years could it help?  Yes old unresolved injuries can be sorted many years after the first time the issue arose

How many visits would i need? As every injury and or issue is unique, there are no set amount of visits, return visits are catered to your individual needs.

I don't like my bones cracked do you do this? No we do not use forcible manipulation techniques, we look for areas of bones the cause your body to go 'still' rather then pliable , by matching pressure for pressure 50/50 we then apply a method which drops the pressure out, its gentle and effective.

I'm not sure if this will help me as my issue is caused by typing all day? The way we look at it, go further , yes your issue may of been caused by typing however, what bone under pressure caused your hand to have to work harder causing the typing to put a strain on your hand. What was the cause of the cause of the effect.ii it was typing that was the only issue then every typist would suffer from this issue.

What age group is best suited for your work? Any age! from newborns who have had traumatic births right up to the elderly , its safe simple and effective , once the pressure has been released the body can start to function as it should,

Will it hurt? Our motto is movement away from pain, while some areas may feel tender, we ask you to let us know if there is pain, your comfort is key and also your responsibility, so be comfortably selfish.

I've already had surgery can this still help? yes surgery does not release pressure, 

I'm due for surgery should I wait until after? I've personally helped some people and animals avoid surgery, for those that still require surgery, In our opinion the pressure still needs to be released, not only does this encourage the natural healing processes of the body it also will aid in your recovery form surgery.

I've never heard of this before? This system was developed by Dale Speedy, to visit his website including courses and practitioners please visit  www.contactcare.co.nz.

I can't make it during the normal work hours, do you offer late nights or weekends? Yes I do offer these times.

What if I've injured myself can i call you and be seen straight away? provided I am free then Yes.

My family member is house bound do you offer home visits? In certain circumstances yes, I have also done hospital visits, the clinic environment is always recommended but I understand for some this is not possible.

I've broken my leg can you help? A break is a point where the pressure has blown out, so we do not work on the break but any other areas of pressure throughout your body, the first thing we will look for is what made you fall in the first place.

I have a medical issue can you help? I am not a medical practitioner and I would recommend seeing your G.P. however with the knowledge of how everything in our body is connected, releasing pressure can ease stress, tension  from the body, which can only do good and can help to alleviate certain symptoms. We don't claim to cure or heal you, we just release pressure out of the body that has become stuck through surprise impact situations.

I have a family member struggling with mental health issues? When the body is under pressure so is the mind, I have personally had great results with this concern both on myself and others, A surprise impact to the chest for example can create over time a feeling of despair, and no matter how many times you talk about it the feeling is still there, release the pressure from the chest and then do the talking. This is anedoctal from my own experiences and some of my clients feedback.

What can i expect? To be listened to , observed as your body shows the story your mind is telling, to be treated as an individual with very real issues,to be comfortable and understood, sessions typically last 45 minutes, a period of discomfort may arise  up to 48 hrs after the session as your body realigns this is very normal but does not happen to everyone. you may be given "home work" to do to encourage and support your body after the session.


This is a Common-sense Approach to Real Ease NOT a scientific one. This is a discipline derived from the martial arts understanding of pressure for pressure and how it can effect and manipulate the body and mind.

Itistailored for individual needs.  Personal results speak for themselves, in both human and animals.

Results do vary as with any style of physical mental and emotional remedies.I do not diagnose, nor will I recommend anything against doctors advice. 

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